Saturday, July 2, 2011

dominican republic sisters' weekend day 1

our forth of july sister's weekend in the DR started out rough. our late night flight out of JFK was delayed and we didn't arrive in puerta plata until 5am! the hiccups didn't stop there. at our resort (this was my first and probably last all-inclusive trip) we were told that they were overbooked and we would have to go to a hotel down the street! what? infuriated! i argued and pleaded with them to give us a bed to sleep in for one hour (we were being picked up at 7am for a snorkel and sail trip). finally they showed us to a room with no air conditioning and no outdoor window. we were grateful for a place to nap and were assured there would be a lovely suite ready for us later in the day.

we managed to crawl out of bed, don our bathing suits, and grab a coffee. so tired.

we rode in the back of a safari truck to meet our catamaran. the family of five who rode with us spoke no english and stared us down the entire day. super creepy. i'm pretty sure the sixty year old man and the teenage boy were hitting on us in an unfamiliar language.

there he is! he found a prime seat to look straight at us! the boy is to his right.

we snorkeled, jumped off the boat, and played in the water when it rained. rum punch was plentiful and a dance party started with the crew on the sail home. all while 'you know who' watched from a distance.

back at the resort we ate a quick, awful mexican dinner and practically sleep walked back to our new ocean front, enormous room.