Saturday, June 30, 2012

10 more weeks! (if i'm lucky)

wow! i never thought I would make it to 30 weeks! it's funny how time really seems to drag when you're counting down to meet a new babe. naturally, i'm feeling huge and although i am sleeping without problem, getting in and out of a lay-down position is becoming more and more challenging. heartburn is a chronic issue but if that's the worst of it, i really shouldn't complain. let the 10 week count down begin! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

oh brooklyn how i'll miss you

i took my last walk home from the subway to find andrea on our stoop, ready to bid us farewell. rob was there too, already exhausted from helping the lazy movers pack all our belongings in the two hours we prepaid. seeing the 17 footer loaded made my nerves jump as i began really questioning whether we were making the right decision. how could we possibly leave brooklyn? especially now, with a baby due in less than three months! 
i know that saying good-bye is difficult but i was not prepared for the flood of emotions i felt as i hugged my sister. i couldn't resist asking her, with desperation, "why don't you just move too?".  
i cried as quietly as i could as rob drove us out of our beloved park slope. i cried as we crossed the verrazano bridge into staten island. i cried all the way out of new york and finally got my emotions under control once we hit jersey and i had to navigate.
ten states and thirty hours of road stood between brooklyn and our new home in austin and starting this new chapter is exciting and adventurous not tearful. right?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

road trip: montauk

as part of our ny bucket list we reserved a zip-car and headed on a leisure road trip to montauk. the drive was surprisingly traffic free and lunch was excellent. probably our last lobster rolls for a while. 

after exploring around the light house and a disastrous hike to nowhere (think ticks everywhere)we laid on the beach listening to the waves crash. the weather was perfectly overcast for not swimming. papa gently rested his head on my growing tummy and not only got bopped in the cheeks by our strong girl but he could hear her heart beating. what a sweet day.  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

strawberry fields forever

on our little road trip to montauk we were lucky to pass a 'pick your own strawberry' field. i haven't actually had any food cravings but if i had to pick a favorite pregnancy food it IS strawberries. this girl was happy.