Sunday, February 27, 2011

a park blanket

as you may know, i have been experimenting with sewing lately. i would like to share one of my later creations...
spring is so close i can taste it and since i can't stop imaging myself lying in the sunshine i have been inspired to make a new park blanket! living in brooklyn we spend quite a bit of time enjoying nature in our amazing prospect park. i'm super excited to be outside alone with a book, at a concert with food, music, and friends, or with husband watching little league baseball on a sunday afternoon (i know it sounds pathetic but we love to hang in the shade and watch the little kids play-we even had a favorite player last year).
last summer we somehow lost our beach/park sheet of three years hence the brand new park blanket!

here is how it went down... 

supplies collected.

fabric taped down.

'quilt sandwich' complete.

'sandwich' basted with pins.

'cross stitching'

(sorry, but i skipped pictures of the banding) it is! i can't wait to use it!

P.S. i found this fun, easy design here

Saturday, February 19, 2011

a Little gift

presents are the greatest. they make you smile, cry, laugh, hug, love. they are great to receive and even better to give!

here is a little gift andrea found me. how perfect! i'll be sportin' my new last initial on a necklace! husband is thrilled!  

Monday, February 14, 2011


in love with love...

love my husband
he is the kindest person i know and inspires me every day. he still gives me butterflies.

love my parents
they are always there for me and i'm super excited for mom's upcoming visit!

love my friends
i have the best of them and i know i can depend on them for anything.

love sisters
i can't even explain how happy i am to live so close to my sis and best friend. i am such a lucky girl to have an awesome and inspiring sis-in-law.

love my in-laws
thank you for raising the best person in the world and for loving me like your own daughter.

love family
when the going gets tough you can always turn to family.

i love new york
new york is the most amazing city in the world and i'm excited to call it mine!
love sweets
who doesn't i right?

love hearing, reading, and watching love stories
personal accounts are the best...especially 'how we met and fell in love' stories

i love my life
"my sister even said i'm a life lover"

oh yeah...i love this 'made in brooklyn' chocolate we bought at the flea market over the weekend...the packaging is so appropriate for the holiday.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

weekend recap

friday after work...we either have to go out and socialize or we have to stay in and lazy around the apartment. this week was a lazy, cold outside sorta friday. my lovely husband surprised me with beautiful spring mix flowers on his way home from work so i have been smelling and staring at them all weekend...dreaming of spring (naturally).

we finally watched the social network and as usual, i fell asleep and had to hear about the ending in bed on saturday morning. despite missing half of the film...i recommend it!


we decided to stick around the hood...brooklyn flea here we come...

the most gorgeous setting for a flea market...the williamsburg savings bank...

this 1920's dress was to die for but way out of my price was in perfect condition and adorable! the entire booth made me super happy so luckily i was able to afford an awesome vintage summer dress, a vintage mink collar, and a horseshoe for above our front door (for luck of course). rob found a great vintage short sleeved button coat despite his desperate search. funny i have no pictures of what we did buy!



we celebrated chris' birthday with a bowling party and apparently some pretty amazing fried chicken-i didn't have any. a great night...started with my best bowling score ever and ended dancing to a live band (and Pat Kerns sleeping on our couch jeans...again...which breaks the number one rule in our apartment)!

dizzy's for brunch with the husband. we should have stuck with ordering their amazing specialty items like teo's italian eggs (my favorite) or bagels with lox...we both bombed with eggs, toast, etc...we both regret it...guess there's always next time...


Monday, February 7, 2011

the reception is the exception

we hosted our first party as a married couple (other than the wedding reception of course)!

mr palermo was so excited to have a football party that he set up a second television in the dining room. our living room and dining room are pretty much one room but two tvs playing football in one room made him so happy the crazy legs came out ...

 our not so large brooklyn apartment set the scene-wonderful friends and food made the scene...

a few things for me to remember in case we make this an annual bash...

a delish pulled pork recipe

very cute and super easy football truffles


RGPALERMO’S First Annual Superbowl Prediction Game ($10)

Rules:  Circle one answer to each of the questions below.  The individual who selects the most correct answers will win the pot of money less $10.  The individual who selects the least number of correct answers will get their $10 back (if more than one loser, they will split $10 evenly—no tie breaker).  In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by the tiebreaking question.  The game will be played twice (once each half) and all answers must be submitted before each half begins.

Q1.  Who will score the first TD of the half?                                                Pitt          GB           No TDs Scored

Q2.  How many field goals will be kicked in the half?                               0-1          2-3          4+

Q3.  Which defense will get the first INT of the half?                 Pitt          GB           No INTs

Q4.  Who will recover the first opponent’s fumble of the half?                Pitt          GB           No Fumbles

Q5.  Which defense will get the first sack of the half?                                Pitt          GB           No Sacks

Q6.  How many passing yards will Aaron Rodgers have in the half?      0-125     125+

Q7.  What will be the longest play of the half in yards (excluding turnovers or special teams plays)?         
1-25        26-50     51+

Q8.  Will there be an ad featuring the Budweiser Clydesdales?                Yes          No

Q9.  How many times will Big Ben be sacked?                                            0              1              2              3+

Q10.  Will there be a Special Teams TD, Defensive TD, Safety, or 2 Point Conversion in the half?                                                                                                                                 Yes          No

TIEBREAKER:  How many total points will be scored in the half? (no penalty for going over)       _____________________________

Saturday, February 5, 2011

date day!

things that make me terribly happy

walking in sync
cuddling on escalators
no words necessary
hand holding
husband home from a business trip to London
life in nyc
tourist in my own town

dreaming of italy
39 degree high!
not being a hermit because of the rain
cusie cheese!
water lilies

43 days till spring!
union market

things I could do without   
cold rain!
camera running out of battery at the beginning of the day
bonfire leather coat
slow F train
carrying groceries and an umbrella