Sunday, February 13, 2011

weekend recap

friday after work...we either have to go out and socialize or we have to stay in and lazy around the apartment. this week was a lazy, cold outside sorta friday. my lovely husband surprised me with beautiful spring mix flowers on his way home from work so i have been smelling and staring at them all weekend...dreaming of spring (naturally).

we finally watched the social network and as usual, i fell asleep and had to hear about the ending in bed on saturday morning. despite missing half of the film...i recommend it!


we decided to stick around the hood...brooklyn flea here we come...

the most gorgeous setting for a flea market...the williamsburg savings bank...

this 1920's dress was to die for but way out of my price was in perfect condition and adorable! the entire booth made me super happy so luckily i was able to afford an awesome vintage summer dress, a vintage mink collar, and a horseshoe for above our front door (for luck of course). rob found a great vintage short sleeved button coat despite his desperate search. funny i have no pictures of what we did buy!



we celebrated chris' birthday with a bowling party and apparently some pretty amazing fried chicken-i didn't have any. a great night...started with my best bowling score ever and ended dancing to a live band (and Pat Kerns sleeping on our couch jeans...again...which breaks the number one rule in our apartment)!

dizzy's for brunch with the husband. we should have stuck with ordering their amazing specialty items like teo's italian eggs (my favorite) or bagels with lox...we both bombed with eggs, toast, etc...we both regret it...guess there's always next time...


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