Friday, August 31, 2012

a little date, a first

friday night rob and i headed to our first high school football game together. it's not very often, after nearly seven years together, that we celebrate a first so...very exciting! 
with the arrival of our little girl drawing near, we are trying to embrace this last short time we have alone together. i know we will be overflowing with love once she arrives but there is something a bit sad about closing this chapter of our lives.

(westlake is apparently the school the movie friday night lights was based on)

ok, ok, i admit that as much as we are enjoying each other we were really, really hopeful that the blue moon would somehow trigger labor. no love from the moon!  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2 years already

what a weird looking picture of us! i am determined to take a photo on this day every year but man was i tempted to delete this one! 

i just can't believe it has been two years since we tied the knot. time really does fly when you're having fun! i love this man beyond words and i can't even explain how lucky i feel that we found each other. 
two years married, almost seven years together, three cities, and a little baby due any day now. life is good. 

we celebrated with a relaxing dinner date at moonshine bar and grill and a barefoot kitchen dance to our wedding song. it was simple and sweet. 
remember last year, we were supposed to do this but instead we celebrated like this

to many, many more! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

banana griddle cakes

isn't our vintage o'keefe and merritt awesome? i've been wanting to make pancakes on the griddle since we bought this place and finally got around to it for a cozy sunday breakfast. 


saturday, after a day of hard labor in the yard (trying to work this baby out of me), we made our way to south congress bridge for the 8th annual austin bat festival. 1.5 million mexican free-tailed bats live under the bridge in the summer months and at dusk it is apparently a spectacle to watch them emerge. 

unfortunately, we were too far from their exit and the sky was too dark for us to spot more than one bat!  what a bummer. rob and i are going to try to go back one evening before baby is born and when the crowds aren't as thick.  

Sunday, August 26, 2012

big girls

38 weeks along and feeling HUGE! 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

37 and waiting

my mom had her first baby at 37 weeks so i have had this crazy stupid hope that my babe would be ready to make her grand entrance by now also! i am so anxious to meet her that every little cramp or ache i have i think labor(!). yesterday i even announced to rob that she had 'dropped'. that was definitely a false alarm...this girl just loves hangin' out in my right ribcage. here's to waiting and trying to find patience over the next 3+ weeks. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

constant complaints

we are thirty-six weeks (9 months) along and i am super whiny! i want to know who decided to trick the world into thinking pregnancy is only 9 months when, in fact, it is 10 LONG months (or more)! i am beyond anxious to meet our little lady and so, so ready to not be pregnant anymore. my poor husband must be so tired of hearing about how tired i am, how i don't sleep well at night, about my rib pain and heartburn. i think i threaten to put myself on bed rest every evening. it is time to turn a new leaf. starting now i will no longer be a constant complainer. i do realize i am pretty lucky to feel as good as i do and i need to focus on the glass that is half full. 

i am very lucky to have had a complication free pregnancy. baby and i have been healthy and relatively comfortable since the start. i am grateful that she is head down and even though i don't think she has 'dropped' i don't get hard kicks in the ribs thanks to the high placement of our placenta. i haven't had any swelling or varicosities and have gained a healthy amount of weight. i have a great feeling about labor and birth and i am actually super excited for the experience. i am still active with very slow jogging and i finally started prenatal yoga last week. 

i am lucky to have so much support from family and friends, despite the distance. my parents and sister came to town and painted/set up the nursery and did several helpful projects around the house. my mom, sister, and friend arranged an awesome, surprise/long distance baby shower for us this week. it was so nice to feel the love for baby p from so many who are so far away. 

i don't really have much to complain about after all.