Sunday, August 28, 2011


we spent all of saturday preparing for, and anticipating this category 1 storm with a bit of excitement and a tinge of apprehension. most businesses and all public transportation were closed and the neighborhood was abuzz. everyone was talking about irene. we stocked up on water, batteries, and canned goods, filled our tub with water and had flashlights and candles within reach.
after dinner with andrea and pat, we played poker with our neighbor and watched more coverage of the storm. get this thing over with already. andrea slept on our couch (which was moved far from the window).
luckily, the storm was extremely anticlimactic here in park slope. we are thankful to have no downed trees, flooding, or power outages here at our apartment.  

today has been a memorable anniversary sunday for us. we took a walk through prospect park to survey the damage, did some major gardening, and have been cozy in the apartment cooking dinner. currently, we are hoping the transit system is not up and running for the monday commute while enjoying the final breezy wind gusts and watching blue skies move our way.  

our lovely (chef) neighbors made us a delicious tart made with the figs from the tree in our backyard! what a cozy anniversi-caine!
we are hearing reports from our home in ohio that the weather is much like that of our wedding day, 77 degrees, sunny, and breezy. what great memories!


  1. ah looks like the park had some fallen trees- i'm glad that was the only eventful part! i don't think i knew you lived in park slope.. my cousin lives there, too :) really cute neighborhood.

    p.s. gorgeous photos of your wedding day!

  2. What a beautiful day that was one year ago. And what a beautiful (inside and out) couple you are. love Mom

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