Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

crisp air at last!

it actually feels like fall here in austin (for now) and we couldn't be happier! 
we embraced the cooler temperatures by having a few friends over for a bonfire on friday night. isla loves having company and won't dare sleep while guests are in the house. so...i spent most of the night inside.
saturday we took a stroll through the farmers market and did more 'pumpkin picking'. tacos for dinner, gordough's for desert.  
this morning we kept ourselves wrapped in blankets, baked muffins, and showed our baby off to the neighbors. isla and i snuggled together on a bench while rob jogged along town lake in the afternoon.

 we are hoping for many more perfectly sunny, perfectly crisp weekends this fall/winter! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

mother earth loves us, love mother earth ~isla marie

go green or go home! 

it is estimated that it takes 250-500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose in the landfill. it is also estimated that over 27 billion throw away diapers are put in U.S. landfills every year. 
many, many more reasons to use 'clothies' HERE

while i was pregnant i knew i wanted to use cloth (at least while not working) and after a month of probably 85% cloth usage (with a diaper service) i think we are committed.  

i admit that it is SO much easier to put a throw away on the babe. they are more absorbent and maybe two times faster to change (husband takes 3 minutes with a clothie). but...if you know anything about know she is an environmentalist. what choice do we have but to continue. our solution? disposables at night, clothies during the day...strickly. 

 hope we last!  

bottle time

it is strange feeling jealous of a bottle. i know it sounds absolutely crazy but any nursing mother knows what i mean...right? 
it took them several tries but papa and isla made a great team. we both teared up when she finally started sucking, her grateful eyes locked with his. it was difficult letting go but i'm so glad rob gets to enjoy feeding our girl.  

Monday, October 15, 2012

oh my, how time flies

my doll, 

one month has passed since you graced us with your presence. it feels like just yesterday and a lifetime ago all at once. my heart is filled up and i can't seem to remember what life was like without you. 

i am overwhelmed with concern for you and i may never sleep the same again. in all of my dreams i never knew how much i would love you, this intense feeling grows more every day. 

my little birdie, you are the perfect blend of papa and me bundled into 10 pounds, 1 ounce (already). you have a peaceful presence, serious expressions, and the most beautiful little face i've ever seen. your skinny little legs and broad belly make us think you will have papa's ribs (sorry). you little blue eyed baby, if your eyes really are mine you will become a brown eyed girl. 

last week you started holding your hands together and you now love to suck the side of your thumb. you touch and grab us (the most amazing feeling). becoming more aware of your world, you now follow objects with you eyes/face. you swat and kick at your 'forest friends' and are staying awake more and more every day. you are only 'crybaby' when you are hungry during the day but you still only wake once (or twice if you count 6am) in the night. thank you. you are sportin' a receding hair line with pride and raging baby acne doesn't phase such a cool girl. bath time is the best time and i am hopeful that you are a water baby when we start swimming this spring. you love bing crosby, particularly swing on a star, counting your blessings, and mele kalikimaka. 

it is so very bittersweet to think of all we have to look forward to. the smiles, talking, big 'too-tight' hugs, and more. but for now, stay my tiny baby.