Sunday, July 29, 2012

who's body is this?

(we were in a hurry to meet people for brunch...sorry for the blurry pic)

eight and a half months along and counting! i am so ready to not be pregnant anymore. sure, i love to feel our not so tiny dancer move around inside me. i like to watch as she stretches her body or rolls her arm, leg, or knee, distorting the round shape of my belly. i love wondering what she's doing in there, how she looks, what kind of personality she will have. but...

i am ready to have my body back. i am definitely having trouble accepting that i cannot do as much as i once could. i am frustrated that i am tired after being awake and active for only a few hours. i am not happy that i don't walk as fast as i used to and that jogging is practically a walk. i am not used to limiting myself so much and i do not like it! 

all the cleaning, organizing, shopping, reorganizing, yard work, cleaning again, setting up, and not relaxing we have been doing around the new house is taking a toll on this 8.5 month pregnant body. my feet are hurting, my back is achy and i am desperate for my upcoming prenatal massage (thanks so, so, so much babe)! come on september! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

home sweet home

after a brief stay at the lovely retreat at barton creek apartments (26 days), we closed on our 1953 southern beauty! there is not much i don't love about this house and i'm really looking forward to a heavy rain storm beneath that tin roof. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

8 months

we are 32 weeks/8 months and crazy in love with our little nameless girl! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

we've been exploring

before we have a newborn babe on our hands, the husband and i are trying to do and see as much outdoorsy austin as my pregnant body will allow. we have been keeping busy exploring as much as i the have energy to do. 
we made our way to hamilton pool for a morning of swimming and floating but were only able to hike the area due to unsafe waters...

since hamilton was a bust, we headed down river to reimer's ranch for a day of wading, rock skipping, and lunch on the beach of the pedernales river. what a beautiful spot. we had pure privacy for about an hour then were crowded (haha) when a couple and their dog showed up nearby. we only saw one other family the entire time we hung around-much different from new york beaches! 

for independence day we hung around the rocky shore of lake travis with some friends. in the evening we watched fireworks from a restaurant rooftop near auditorium shores. next year i will plan things out better and pack a dinner to eat on the lawn-that is the 4th of july to me. 
despite not 'doing it right' it was refreshing to be in a town small enough to enjoy the festivities without fighting thick crowds.  

we have also spent several afternoons cooling off in the ultra convenient and gorgeous, brisk waters of barton springs. 

rob and i have dubbed life in austin 'the good life' and that 'life is a vacation' because, well, it sort of is!