Sunday, July 29, 2012

who's body is this?

(we were in a hurry to meet people for brunch...sorry for the blurry pic)

eight and a half months along and counting! i am so ready to not be pregnant anymore. sure, i love to feel our not so tiny dancer move around inside me. i like to watch as she stretches her body or rolls her arm, leg, or knee, distorting the round shape of my belly. i love wondering what she's doing in there, how she looks, what kind of personality she will have. but...

i am ready to have my body back. i am definitely having trouble accepting that i cannot do as much as i once could. i am frustrated that i am tired after being awake and active for only a few hours. i am not happy that i don't walk as fast as i used to and that jogging is practically a walk. i am not used to limiting myself so much and i do not like it! 

all the cleaning, organizing, shopping, reorganizing, yard work, cleaning again, setting up, and not relaxing we have been doing around the new house is taking a toll on this 8.5 month pregnant body. my feet are hurting, my back is achy and i am desperate for my upcoming prenatal massage (thanks so, so, so much babe)! come on september! 

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  1. Soon my friend soooooon!!! Your babe will be here in no time!