Monday, March 28, 2011

pat's opening "!"

we headed to soloway gallery for pat's opening of "live/work". there was a great turnout and we followed the very crowded gathering with a great dinner...

dumont for was very good

p.s...look who's in brooklyn...scott fiore, a friend from high school!

Monday, March 21, 2011

lunch, flat tire, missed ceremony, reception of a lifetime

after a mediocre lunch at gaspar's grotto in ybor city...

a flat tire on the way to the hotel caused us to miss joe and folake's wedding ceremony. the boys weren't devastated, after all, "nobody cares about the ceremony". i on the other hand am in love with anything that has to do with love so...i was upset. 

we made our way to the reception despite our cab nearly breaking down...

for more on the beautiful bride and groom

traditional nigerian attire, food, music, and nearly 500 people made this the most unique wedding reception i have ever experienced...

the bride and groom were constantly being 'sprayed' with money by family and friends while they danced. can't you just see the excitment in joe's face!
rob and i had a blast dancing to the live nigerian tunes and i was absolutely thrilled and honored when one of the women 'sprayed' me! husband was jealous! 


we spent friday night in tampa at the 'lingo' household aka lindsey and ingo(rob and i would kill for such a cool paparazzi name).

cute little family

world of beer!

so much fun 'seat dancing' and singing to the one man make me want to shoop lindsey.

24 hours

rob and i spent the weekend with family, friends, and celebration in sunny florida. the weekend began with a quick 24 hours with mom & dad.
we headed to the beach from the airport on thursday to check out the supermoon but were disappointed. i guess it would have been best to watch it rise during sunset on saturday (we missed that).

friday, mom and i spent a few hours shopping. it was so nice to enjoy the 'mother-daughter time' we so rarely get. rob and dad went to the fish market and we all came together on the beach... 

rob got in the water...a true 'cape coder'...too cold for me

a tour of dad's new boat

bee in the lemon tree in the back yard

grilled grouper, steak, and vegetable kabobs and we had to say 'see you later'.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


sometimes i dream of this...

perfectly quaint. gorgeous yard. garden. sigh.

back to reality...our brooklyn stoop...good thing we live so close to prospect park!

Monday, March 14, 2011

a new age...

my 27th year has been a good one...

conquered my first half marathon
homesick from ohio
fell in love with ny...again
donated my hair
cut bangs, grew them out

one year old gina baby

snow skiing
amazing wedding
a husband
 a second family
etsy store
photographer wanna-be

three years old

love for sewing
vintage wedding dress fun hunt and sad sell
ditched gypsy
survived a brooklyn tornado
felt an earthquake in ohio

mom and baby gina (isn't she pretty)

published writer
considered a career change
joined ny cares
baby fever

wonder what 28 will bring...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

'rain' and sun(day)

rain on broadway...

such a fun show! we were upgraded to orchestra seats and enjoyed a concert style cover show. it started with a video montage of important historic moments from the 1960's on a black and white vintage television shaped screen. it continued into a reenactment of the beatles playing on the ed sullivan show. the entire show included clips of history which influenced the music of the beatles throughout their career together.
they played many of my favorites and the guy who played paul had an uncanny resemblance to the real mccartney. my only complaint is they did not play norwegian wood.
we headed to fraunces tavern in the financial district to meet some of rob's new co-workers and stayed out way, way too late.
i have been fighting a cold so saturday was pretty relaxed. after a few errands we watched coverage of the earthquake in japan in despair. early to bed.

Sunny sunday...

a first sign of spring!

we took a long bus ride through park slope and red hook but ended up in cobble hill for brunch at cafe lulu.

Monday, March 7, 2011

looking forward

looking forward to our upcoming (in two weeks) mini trip to florida to enjoy some of this...
and maybe some of this...

and of course my parents, buster (maybe doing this), lindsey, ingo, and the reason for the trip...joe and folake taking the plunge into wedded bliss

(off the topic but...looking forward to springing forward this weekend!)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

leist-babe in bk!

leist-babe (aka andy) graced us with his presence this weekend.

thursday: momofuku
friday: sidecar and apartment dance party (till 4am)
saturday: 60 degrees and sunny, outdoor brunch, unlimited sangria, leister in love with brooklyn (and dogs)

look who walked by...joe and folake...two weeks till they tie the knot!

the sangria impaired us enough to prevent us from following through with our plan to tour the brooklyn brewery but we managed dinner at taro sushi with anne and dustin. sorry to you both for the necklace incident at embarrassing.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

jeanne visits!

we gladly welcomed march with a gorgeous sunny day, the countdown to spring officially here (19 days!), and a day visit from rob's mom! she arrived in nyc in the late afternoon. rob was able to sneak away from work to meet her for a grape soda at eataly.

later we met for a delish meal of tapas and sangria at olea in fort greene.

 a few favorites:
brussel sprouts with roasted apples, marinated anchovies with arugula, and fried olives...yum, yum, yum!
...the live music was a nice bonus!

andrea was there too! we are all about blending families when we can!