Monday, March 21, 2011

lunch, flat tire, missed ceremony, reception of a lifetime

after a mediocre lunch at gaspar's grotto in ybor city...

a flat tire on the way to the hotel caused us to miss joe and folake's wedding ceremony. the boys weren't devastated, after all, "nobody cares about the ceremony". i on the other hand am in love with anything that has to do with love so...i was upset. 

we made our way to the reception despite our cab nearly breaking down...

for more on the beautiful bride and groom

traditional nigerian attire, food, music, and nearly 500 people made this the most unique wedding reception i have ever experienced...

the bride and groom were constantly being 'sprayed' with money by family and friends while they danced. can't you just see the excitment in joe's face!
rob and i had a blast dancing to the live nigerian tunes and i was absolutely thrilled and honored when one of the women 'sprayed' me! husband was jealous! 


  1. These photos are amazing; so much, so much love.

  2. oh what a unique wedding! Our sons are adopted from Ethiopia... and I've always wanted to attend an Ethiopian Wedding!

  3. Thank you for reading "our story" and that is sooo neat to hear that the wedding you went to was very similar to Ethiopian weddings. I found your blog by a comment you left on Rockstar diaries i think? Thank you again for your precious comment!

  4. lovely!!! Thanks for visiting my blog I am now following you too :)

  5. Hi Gina! Thanks for stopping by. Gotta love blog friends. :] Your blog is adorable and that wedding reception looks like so much fun!