Monday, April 25, 2011

sunshine. bikes. egg decorating. dinner. easter.

saturday was dreadful with rain and overcast skies all day. rob and i struggled to be 'back' all day and he was fighting a nasty cold so our day left so much to be desired.
we shopped at century 21 in brooklyn where he scored with a bunch of new basics. i on the other hand busted. no surprise, i usually hate that kind of store considering my window/mannequin/magazine/picture shopping style. i found nothing and almost purchased bras and panties so not to leave empty handed. i resisted.
we had dinner with anne, pat, and andrea with last minute planning at dram shop. fine time.

the chalk board outside our local wine shop today read, "the thing about days like yesterday is that they make you appreciate days like today". i couldn't agree more. today was wonderful...

easter sunday was beautiful. as always, rob coaxed me out of bed.
he was lucky to have an easter basket waiting for him. well, for us...

he immediately took a bite of the bunny's ear. other than candy, the bunny brought a new wine bottle opener (ours broke last week) two new coffee mugs, and a candle

we headed to the closed farmers market (oops) and then home to get our bikes in working order for spring. rob told me as we came close to the end of our little stroll that he wished he could just walk around the neighborhood with me all day. the moon!

an outing to the newly reconstructed brooklyn bridge park took place of my run or trip to yoga... 

andrea on her bike

rob and me


i am so in love with this park and as always, with the brooklyn bridge. i hate that they closed the green area between the two bridges but the construction there makes me think it will soon reopen and be even better than before.
the area is amazing and perfect for bikers and pedestrians alike. andrea and i had iced coffee while rob sipped a limonatta. it was lovely.

an intense easter egg decorating contest consumed the next bit of our day. we were happy to be inside when the heavy, vertical rain came down.

we, in true palermo fashion, held a competition on the egg decorating. we each chose our fav of the three we designed and presented our competition on facebook. top left to top right: planet earth by me, goth egg by andrea, dino egg by rob, and blue/green horizon by anne. anne won. i lost. my egg is not justified in pictures.  

we finished our day with dinner at kaz a nou in prospect heights with our brooklyn family...

pat lovin' the camera

dustin and anne

goodnight easter sunday...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

i love ny. i love brooklyn

where can you hear new music, enjoy free spiced punch, dance, and party on a deck with a view worthy of a post card on a WEDNESDAY night? only in new york. i love you brookyln.

holly and momar, acting silly and patiently modelling for me with my camera phone.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

sunday brunch (without pics) and farmers market

brunch with the family at sheep station (minus andrea, plus J&F-basically family).

afterwards rob and i headed to the small farmers market on 5th avenue for groceries. i just love the feel, look, smell, sense of community, everything about the market. who doesn't though.

here are a few hipstamatic moments of our lovely spring day.

bronx little iItaly date day!

things that make me terribly happy...

last minute plans
going where we've never been
exploring another borough (we've only been there for the zoo)
the energy in the bronx
sidewalk gambling
accidentally stumbling upon rob's dad's alma mater

imagining my father-in-law as a 'young buck' walking this beautiful campus

dreaming about myself in a traditional college experience
husband reminiscing about his time at syracuse

scary skies...

spring blooms (EVERYWHERE!)

husband excited when he heard a baseball game
sitting to watch an inning

arthur avenue!
knowing all the right places to go (thanks dr. nitti)

borgatti's for fresh pasta (we bought ravioli)
mario posing with the pasta he was about to cut

the absolute niceness of people
cuddling to keep warm
loving the day...and talking about it...a lot!

this cute man making mozzarella
the lovely girl who invited me to the back to take photographs of him 
prosciutto and artichoke hearts

butchers and their amazing windows

madonia brothers bakery
lovely people offering recommendations
raisin fennel bread (we ate half a loaf on the way home) 
cannolis-filled to order! crispy and creamy deliciousness (we also ate these on our way home)

things i could do without...

forgetting an umbrella
gloomy saturday
cold, cold, cold rain
husband nauseated on the 1 1/2 hour train ride home (maybe from all the eating)
delay in the F train...what's new
bad goat (not from little italy)=candy...lots of candy

Sunday, April 10, 2011

to ski or to apres ski...that is the question

rob and i headed to stratton with andrea, shelley, brian, and the bean brothers for our last weekend of skiing for the season.

we were lucky to have fresh powder but temps in the 40's.

rob and brian taking a break at the summit



rob and 'shy bear'

no coats necessary with the sunshine and longtrail brew...

i didn't believe they would come...

we are always glad to have guests and we were thrilled to have mom and dad in town. we were in a state of happy shock to have the hopping clan here as well.

brenden (cousin) was super happy to spend his 6th birthday in nyc. he decided that he no longer dreamt of becoming a firefighter but he would much rather work as a subway driver! he adored the trains and loved riding the 'b' for brenden train.

mom and dad prefer suburban living but they embrace city life to spend time with us!

the hoppings in times square...heading to toys r us for the birthday boy!

kayleigh in the life sized barbie house...

we spent the next day in lower manhattan touring some of the city sites including the statue of liberty via the staten island ferry...

we headed up through the financial district, into china town and finished at the empire state building. by then my 13 year old cousin had a whole new outfit and posed for the camera in her 'new york' gear...