Sunday, April 17, 2011

bronx little iItaly date day!

things that make me terribly happy...

last minute plans
going where we've never been
exploring another borough (we've only been there for the zoo)
the energy in the bronx
sidewalk gambling
accidentally stumbling upon rob's dad's alma mater

imagining my father-in-law as a 'young buck' walking this beautiful campus

dreaming about myself in a traditional college experience
husband reminiscing about his time at syracuse

scary skies...

spring blooms (EVERYWHERE!)

husband excited when he heard a baseball game
sitting to watch an inning

arthur avenue!
knowing all the right places to go (thanks dr. nitti)

borgatti's for fresh pasta (we bought ravioli)
mario posing with the pasta he was about to cut

the absolute niceness of people
cuddling to keep warm
loving the day...and talking about it...a lot!

this cute man making mozzarella
the lovely girl who invited me to the back to take photographs of him 
prosciutto and artichoke hearts

butchers and their amazing windows

madonia brothers bakery
lovely people offering recommendations
raisin fennel bread (we ate half a loaf on the way home) 
cannolis-filled to order! crispy and creamy deliciousness (we also ate these on our way home)

things i could do without...

forgetting an umbrella
gloomy saturday
cold, cold, cold rain
husband nauseated on the 1 1/2 hour train ride home (maybe from all the eating)
delay in the F train...what's new
bad goat (not from little italy)=candy...lots of candy

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  1. MMMmmmmmmm i love arthur ave. i was supposed to go this past weekend but wasn't able to make it. soooo much amazing food.

    the fordham campus looks so pretty.. i've never seen it in person, but my mom got her masters there when i was little :)