Monday, March 21, 2011

24 hours

rob and i spent the weekend with family, friends, and celebration in sunny florida. the weekend began with a quick 24 hours with mom & dad.
we headed to the beach from the airport on thursday to check out the supermoon but were disappointed. i guess it would have been best to watch it rise during sunset on saturday (we missed that).

friday, mom and i spent a few hours shopping. it was so nice to enjoy the 'mother-daughter time' we so rarely get. rob and dad went to the fish market and we all came together on the beach... 

rob got in the water...a true 'cape coder'...too cold for me

a tour of dad's new boat

bee in the lemon tree in the back yard

grilled grouper, steak, and vegetable kabobs and we had to say 'see you later'.

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