Sunday, August 12, 2012

constant complaints

we are thirty-six weeks (9 months) along and i am super whiny! i want to know who decided to trick the world into thinking pregnancy is only 9 months when, in fact, it is 10 LONG months (or more)! i am beyond anxious to meet our little lady and so, so ready to not be pregnant anymore. my poor husband must be so tired of hearing about how tired i am, how i don't sleep well at night, about my rib pain and heartburn. i think i threaten to put myself on bed rest every evening. it is time to turn a new leaf. starting now i will no longer be a constant complainer. i do realize i am pretty lucky to feel as good as i do and i need to focus on the glass that is half full. 

i am very lucky to have had a complication free pregnancy. baby and i have been healthy and relatively comfortable since the start. i am grateful that she is head down and even though i don't think she has 'dropped' i don't get hard kicks in the ribs thanks to the high placement of our placenta. i haven't had any swelling or varicosities and have gained a healthy amount of weight. i have a great feeling about labor and birth and i am actually super excited for the experience. i am still active with very slow jogging and i finally started prenatal yoga last week. 

i am lucky to have so much support from family and friends, despite the distance. my parents and sister came to town and painted/set up the nursery and did several helpful projects around the house. my mom, sister, and friend arranged an awesome, surprise/long distance baby shower for us this week. it was so nice to feel the love for baby p from so many who are so far away. 

i don't really have much to complain about after all.

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