Monday, February 7, 2011

the reception is the exception

we hosted our first party as a married couple (other than the wedding reception of course)!

mr palermo was so excited to have a football party that he set up a second television in the dining room. our living room and dining room are pretty much one room but two tvs playing football in one room made him so happy the crazy legs came out ...

 our not so large brooklyn apartment set the scene-wonderful friends and food made the scene...

a few things for me to remember in case we make this an annual bash...

a delish pulled pork recipe

very cute and super easy football truffles


RGPALERMO’S First Annual Superbowl Prediction Game ($10)

Rules:  Circle one answer to each of the questions below.  The individual who selects the most correct answers will win the pot of money less $10.  The individual who selects the least number of correct answers will get their $10 back (if more than one loser, they will split $10 evenly—no tie breaker).  In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by the tiebreaking question.  The game will be played twice (once each half) and all answers must be submitted before each half begins.

Q1.  Who will score the first TD of the half?                                                Pitt          GB           No TDs Scored

Q2.  How many field goals will be kicked in the half?                               0-1          2-3          4+

Q3.  Which defense will get the first INT of the half?                 Pitt          GB           No INTs

Q4.  Who will recover the first opponent’s fumble of the half?                Pitt          GB           No Fumbles

Q5.  Which defense will get the first sack of the half?                                Pitt          GB           No Sacks

Q6.  How many passing yards will Aaron Rodgers have in the half?      0-125     125+

Q7.  What will be the longest play of the half in yards (excluding turnovers or special teams plays)?         
1-25        26-50     51+

Q8.  Will there be an ad featuring the Budweiser Clydesdales?                Yes          No

Q9.  How many times will Big Ben be sacked?                                            0              1              2              3+

Q10.  Will there be a Special Teams TD, Defensive TD, Safety, or 2 Point Conversion in the half?                                                                                                                                 Yes          No

TIEBREAKER:  How many total points will be scored in the half? (no penalty for going over)       _____________________________

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