Monday, February 14, 2011


in love with love...

love my husband
he is the kindest person i know and inspires me every day. he still gives me butterflies.

love my parents
they are always there for me and i'm super excited for mom's upcoming visit!

love my friends
i have the best of them and i know i can depend on them for anything.

love sisters
i can't even explain how happy i am to live so close to my sis and best friend. i am such a lucky girl to have an awesome and inspiring sis-in-law.

love my in-laws
thank you for raising the best person in the world and for loving me like your own daughter.

love family
when the going gets tough you can always turn to family.

i love new york
new york is the most amazing city in the world and i'm excited to call it mine!
love sweets
who doesn't i right?

love hearing, reading, and watching love stories
personal accounts are the best...especially 'how we met and fell in love' stories

i love my life
"my sister even said i'm a life lover"

oh yeah...i love this 'made in brooklyn' chocolate we bought at the flea market over the weekend...the packaging is so appropriate for the holiday.

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