Sunday, February 27, 2011

a park blanket

as you may know, i have been experimenting with sewing lately. i would like to share one of my later creations...
spring is so close i can taste it and since i can't stop imaging myself lying in the sunshine i have been inspired to make a new park blanket! living in brooklyn we spend quite a bit of time enjoying nature in our amazing prospect park. i'm super excited to be outside alone with a book, at a concert with food, music, and friends, or with husband watching little league baseball on a sunday afternoon (i know it sounds pathetic but we love to hang in the shade and watch the little kids play-we even had a favorite player last year).
last summer we somehow lost our beach/park sheet of three years hence the brand new park blanket!

here is how it went down... 

supplies collected.

fabric taped down.

'quilt sandwich' complete.

'sandwich' basted with pins.

'cross stitching'

(sorry, but i skipped pictures of the banding) it is! i can't wait to use it!

P.S. i found this fun, easy design here


  1. This is gorgeous!! Wonderful job! :)

  2. Thanks! I had a ton of fun doing it and only minimal frustration! It turned out pretty good but my next will be even better!

  3. that's cute that you watch the little league games :)

  4. thanks jessi! we feel like such dorks but it's a fun way to enjoy a lazy sunday :)

  5. Did you wash the fabric first? I'm trying to see if it still looks wrinkly if you wash it first.

  6. mel- i did not wash the fabric before constructing the blanket. i washed it after completion which is when it took on the wrinkled look.

  7. Did you have to piece it to make it big enough? Did you do it lengthwise or width wise? I want to make one too, but can't find any pictures that show the full quilt. thanks!