Wednesday, June 20, 2012

oh brooklyn how i'll miss you

i took my last walk home from the subway to find andrea on our stoop, ready to bid us farewell. rob was there too, already exhausted from helping the lazy movers pack all our belongings in the two hours we prepaid. seeing the 17 footer loaded made my nerves jump as i began really questioning whether we were making the right decision. how could we possibly leave brooklyn? especially now, with a baby due in less than three months! 
i know that saying good-bye is difficult but i was not prepared for the flood of emotions i felt as i hugged my sister. i couldn't resist asking her, with desperation, "why don't you just move too?".  
i cried as quietly as i could as rob drove us out of our beloved park slope. i cried as we crossed the verrazano bridge into staten island. i cried all the way out of new york and finally got my emotions under control once we hit jersey and i had to navigate.
ten states and thirty hours of road stood between brooklyn and our new home in austin and starting this new chapter is exciting and adventurous not tearful. right?

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