Thursday, June 9, 2011

kick off summer

we have been so busy...away living it up in italy! thanks so, so much to my in-laws, jeanne and pat for giving us an amazing family vacation! i will eventually do a travelogue to share more details but for now a little catch up...

back in ny for only 24 hours rob, pat, anne, and i were together again for a memorial day bbq on pat's rooftop.

perfect sunset, burgers, steak fajitas, bratwurst, salad, fruit, blue moon, dancing, dance offs, good times. 

this weekend we recruited our bicycle tour guide (dustin) and set out to ride the cyclone at coney island.

it was a bumpy ride but relatively scenic. we caught the first whiff of sea air which rob really enjoyed. ocean air is good for the soul it the diversity and craziness in coney.

we had a few beers at ruby's while relaxing and people watching then we headed to the cyclone! 

dustin was sure his hat (an italy gift from anne) would stay on but of course it flew off on the very first hill. luckily, it landed right in my hand (see the above pic)! the ride was wild, very rough, and hilly. we were on a bit of an adrenaline kick from the ride and could not stop laughing about the hat... 

a few extra pics from the day taken by the amazing hipstamatic photog, anne p.


  1. You failed to mention that "people watching" included witnessing an old, drunk prostitute dirty dance and show her nipple. Only in Coney!

  2. This looks like you had so much fun.