Wednesday, August 3, 2011

summer is here to stay!

i have spent the last couple of months enjoying my summer and neglecting my blog. we have had such a great time this season and have been super busy in a very good way. just a bit of summer catch up...

we had a camping weekend with friends in the catskills...

rob and i spent july forth weekend in different countries. i was with my sister on an eco-adventure in the dominican where we swam, and hiked, and jumped, and slid while rob nearly killed himself playing with fireworks on a lake trip with his high school pals.

biking, hitting the pool and beach days have consumed most of our other free time.

the biggest news is that we have moved into our new garden apartment we have had a blast cooking outdoors, getting our hands dirty in the garden, and entertaining. thanks again to my parents for the awesome grill!

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