Monday, January 16, 2012

mlk day in chilly florida

to escape our mild nyc winter we booked a trip to sunny florida for the long weekend. of course it was much warmer than home but we were a bit whiny about the mid 60 degree weather.  

as always, andrea and i took advantage of mom's hot rolling skills. 

dad brought home tons of juicing oranges from a neighbors yard so... i squeezed. it was delicious and even though we had to wear more layers than we would have liked to we sipped it in the sun.

we spent an afternoon at the clearwater aquarium. it was a bit heartbreaking but good to see all the great work that is done at this rescue and release organization. 

the waters were filled with disabled or rehabbing turtles and dolphins. below is the poor dolphin, winter, who was found in a fishing line and lost his tale. a recent disney movie was inspired by his story and has brought tons of publicity and money to the aquarium. 

can you even believe mom was willing to touch the rays? 

we will have to go back and enjoy the warmth and beach again soon! 

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