Saturday, March 24, 2012

a growing babe

as a pregnant lady i have quickly gotten used to hearing advice from other moms and honestly, i really enjoy it. i embrace hearing what those who have been there have to say. i love hearing pregnancy stories, birth stories, advice on mommy-hood, must have products, etc. 

one bit of pregnancy advice i have heard time and time again is that i must document my experience. while i will definitely have a baby book (must purchase and start SOON), a pregnancy journal is not something i have ever even considered. why would i want to recall all the morning sickness, migraines, fatigue, hypotension episodes, food aversions...shouldn't those be long lost memories? it is a fact, pregnancy is not all rainbows and butterflies but i have really been enjoying it (let's just forget about weeks 8-12). so, i have decided to heed this most popular advice...
  • may have felt baby move early this week
  • definitely some serious movement today while listening to beethoven pandora
  • still wearing regular clothes but usually with a rubber band to hold jeans closed
  • running or hitting the gym at least three days a week (pretty good considering all the fatigue)
  • still having aversions to fish 
  • amazed that this little is growing inside of me... 4" already! a little mix of rob and me...what will it look, act like?! 
  • so, so filled up with love
  • rob talks and sings to baby with his mouth against my tummy-determined that the baby know his voice
  • terrified of my tummy turning into a basketball or worse, me turning into a whale...not much control over my future shape so why not photograph the entire process, after all who knows if i will ever experience this miraculous process again!


  1. Thanks for sharing gina! Since I am done having babies it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling hearing about your experience! You look beautiful!

  2. It WILL be a basketball, but human skin has wonderful elastic properties?.:). Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Love you!! Jeanne

  3. Everyone who deosn't document there pregnancies always regret it. I think it will be so fun to look back on. I could handle fish, just not chicken. It totally disgusted me. Ow my appetite is too strong for my liking :p