Wednesday, April 25, 2012

20 marks halfway!

i am thrilled to announce we are 20 weeks, 5 months, and halfway pregnant!
  • it's been an uneventful week filled with the usual...never-ending excitement about meeting our little. 
  • i've managed to work out five days this week (a record for me + babe). it seems the more i exercise the fatter i feel...oh the joys of pregnancy!
  • the only pants i can wear comfortably are the red maternity jeans pictured above (thanks andrea). those bad boyz are going to be worn thin by september! 
  • my core is becoming weaker and weaker and i am realizing how much i take that muscle group for granted...what was once quick flip side to side in bed is turning into more of a seal roll. 
  • we were surprised with a package of books in the mail from my best friend and experienced momma, kristen...papa is loving his daddy-to-be handbook-even wants to buy himself a 'gear bag' (diaper bag equivalent) from the army/navy store.
  • mom also sent a few not-so-surprise packages including the first 'almost addressed to baby' package below... 

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