Sunday, April 8, 2012

i think we are growing

the last 18 weeks i have been taking as much 'me' time as possible. in addition to napping as much as i feel necessary i enjoy long baths almost every evening. i just keep thinking about how my warm soaks will be few and far between once this little is here. it is crazy to look down at my growing belly while laying flat on my back. all the belly sinks in (like usual) except a perfect little outline of my uterus. 
growth has been so slow until this week and now it seems the bump gets bigger everyday. i have read that baby will double in size between weeks 16 (5 inches) and 20 (10 inches!). i guess it's really happening! 
i feel very energized so my sedentary ways of last week have been replaced with jogs in the park and gardening. relief!  

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