Thursday, September 20, 2012

my love

newborn Isla

your first night you were thrilled to be home instead of stuck in a hospital bed somewhere. daddy and i were too. in fact, as i was laboring with you for 16+ hours all i could do to get through the pain was think how we would be home cuddling soon. you were born at 4:27pm. we were home by 9pm.

we were lucky to have nana with us your first night because transition into a dry world with air wasn't the easiest thing to do. you were a champion nurser from the start but you were gassy and a little snotty that first night. by morning you felt much better. 

you are the most beautiful baby i have ever seen and daddy and i think you're getting prettier by the hour. you have the best 'attitude' expression when you are stretching and trying to wake. i WILL capture a picture of that someday! you coo, hum, grunt, and have been sneezing and hiccuping a lot.  you refuse to be swaddled and you love holding your hands near your face.

you usually sleep half of the night in your cradle and the other half with momma and daddy. last night was your fifth night here and you only woke twice for milky and a new diap. the late mornings seem to be your most wakeful and hungry time. you don't fuss much-even when you have a dirty diaper. i don't think daddy and i know how good we have it! you are absolute perfection. 


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  1. She is soooo precious!! Don't you love the kissy lips face? Those lips just beg to be kissed.
    I hope you are feeling ok:)
    Congrats Congrats Congrats and I love her name.