Tuesday, August 23, 2011

conquering sea sickness, spoiling surprises

my very first whale watch!

we were away in the sweet town of gloucester, massachusetts this weekend for a beautiful wedding celebration. while away, rob surprised me (sort of) with his one year anniversary gift for me,  paper tickets to a whale watch! 

we aren't the biggest present couple and we typically only give to one another if there is something we know will be special or the other person really wants. according to rob it is special and necessary to go on at least one whale watch in a person's lifetime. as a newbie 'cape codder' i absolutely can't disagree but i have been putting it off due to my history of sea sickness. sigh.

lucky for all of us i was able to spoil rob's surprising me with these tickets in time to take action against the motion of the ocean. between the pressure bracelet from my mother-in-law and a scopalamine patch for 24 hours i finally had my sea legs!

it was beautiful to see these massive creatures socialize, dive, and play in their natural environment. thanks babe, and sorry for never letting surprises survive!

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