Wednesday, August 24, 2011

new england love

after a five hour delay turned cancelled flight, three beers with a group of ohio travelers, and fighting for seats on the last possible plane to boston, we made it to gloucester for the preston wedding weekend.
the quaint, clean, and very vintage vista motel served as our home for the weekend. when we opened the huge, wall-to-wall curtain in the morning we were pleasantly surprised with this lovely view...

after our whale watch we met a few friends for dinner then went to the beach to watch the  quarter moonrise.

sunday, before the wedding we had time to explore, shop, and eat in rockport.

after eating fresh lobster, chowder, and clams to our hearts' content we made our way to celebrate with mike and leah.  
we were certain it was going to rain on the outdoor ceremony but the clouds rolled through with only a sprinkle. it was beautiful.  

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  1. Wow, It looks beautiful. We are so happy you guys are having so much fun. Keep it up.
    The hotel seems to have the appropriate name, Vista. What a lovely vista you had there.